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Amazon Echo Glow refurbished on sale for just $13

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SAVE $17 Get an extra 10% off on Jan. 26. Amazon Echo GlowWoot! Just $12.99. This is a 59% discount.

Even as an adult, it can be difficult to drag yourself out of your warm, cozy bed. Even though they may seem like endless little balls of energy, it’s not easy to get kids out of bed in the morning. You still have to get your kids out the door every day, even if they seem like little balls of energy. It all starts with getting the kids to bed on schedule. It may seem like a daunting task some days. Amazon Echo Glow smart lightThey may be able assist.

You can now get an iPhone starting on Jan. 26. Echo GlowWoot.com offers Woot! Just $12.99. This is $17 less than its normal price, which is $29.99. This is also the lowest price for the Echo Glow we’ve seen since Woot’s September sale. sale.

Amazon has tested and verified that these refurbished items still work like brand new. You may notice some blemishes (scuffs, scratches) and the product might have been repackaged.

This smart lamp can help your rugrats establish better sleep patterns and gently wake them up in the mornings. The lamp’s rainbow of colors can be used as a gentle wake-up call, or to help them drift off to sleep with content that is perfect for getting some shut eye. You can also adjust brightness and play music to create a dance-party.

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The unit comes with a Rainbow Timer, which helps your kids accomplish tasks like getting ready to leave home each morning or brushing teeth for two minutes every night. The Echo device is the same as you’re used to, and costs less than $15.

It can also work if you don’t own children. This unit cannot be used alone. Make sure you have an Echo device that you can sync with.


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