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Ai Art Help Guide: Learn how to convert your sketch to AI Art.

AI Art

How to Make AI Art? Complete Guide.

Artificial Intelligence (AI).It has had a significant effect on various industries including the arts. AI art tools allow both artists and non-artists to create their AI generated masterpieces.

You can create AI art by typing text into the AI art generator prompt. However, not everyone is able or willing to create compelling images. Continue reading for more information on AI art and the prompts to produce quality outputs.

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To help you create quality AI prompts, we created a guide that explains how to write AI art prompts.

AI Art: Create it!

You can create a masterpiece with AI using many methods. Top AI Art Generators (both free and paid). All these tools are different and offer varying levels of functionality. For example, if you are given the same prompt — A beautiful red-haired girl with a white dress, sitting on a wooden chair in a flower bed.The free tools Img2Go and NightCafe produced images that were quite distinct ( Figure B).

You will learn how you can create high-quality AI art using Img2Go or Nightcafe.

Img2Go: Create AI art

Img2Go is an AI art tool that allows you to create AI artwork using text prompts. This tool is both an AI art creator and an online photo editor. It can be used to convert images and videos into different formats.

Img2Go: How to create AI art

1. Visit the Img2Go website. You can find the categories of solution on its homepage.

2. Select the AI Creator Studio Icon at the top. Figure A).

3. Enter your prompt in the side panel. Figure A). You can customize output by selecting features, such as what you don’t wish to see, the lighting and angle of the image and framing it, the lens, or the capture.

4. Click on Generate to start the process. The AI will understand your instructions and create a picture that reflects what it understands.

You can click on Surprise Me for a random response.

NightCafe – Create AI Art

NightCafe generates AI art using a variety of methods. It can create AI images based on a text entry, or it can produce AI images based upon an input picture and text. NightCafe is different from Img2Go in that it requires users to sign up for the tool before using it.

NightCafe allows you to create AI art.

Text-to-image prompt method

1. Click Create to access the NightCafe AI Art Generator Studio. Figure A).

2. Choose your style and enter your text on the left panel. Figure F).

3. Click Create to create a new artwork.

NightCafe image-to-image prompt method

How to create AI artwork by using an image prompt with NightCafe

1. Click Upload in the NightCafe AI Art Generator Studio. Figure F).

2. Upload images by clicking the Upload Images button. Drag and drop your image onto the page.

3. Enter the model and title of your model in the textbox.

4. Add prompts to the workflow if required.

5. Click on Upload.

Adjusting the output

When creating AI art prompts it is best to use descriptive words instead of long ones. AI tools are dominated by non-descriptive words. To achieve the best results, use nouns and descriptive words.

How to adjust the output

  1. Select the style You can choose from realistic portrait, surrealistic landscape, anime, or artistic portrait.
  2. Incorporate desired feelings or moods Use phrases like tranquil, vibrant, mysterious, or nostalgic to guide AI’s interpretation.
  3. Try different levels of detail. Make sure you mention any specific details.
  4. Iterate and refine: Adjust your prompt if the initial result does not meet your expectations.

AI art prompts to achieve effective results

Your AI masterpiece will be based on your ability to write a detailed prompt describing all elements of AI art, including medium, subject, details, style and composition. You will see five AI-generated works of art created using different tools.

AI Art: the Future of AI Art

AI art has been a hot topic in recent years. It has drawn the attention of many artists and technologist. It has opened up many new creative opportunities and streamlined the process of creation. However, it has also raised several concerns.

  • Copyright and Intellectual Property: Ethical Issues
  • Lack of emotional depth
  • Limitation on data and training
  • Intellectual Property Disputes
  • Quality control.

In 2023, AI art will grow faster than in previous years. In 2022, DALL E, Stable Diffusion and other AI programs were launched. Their users create about three million images each day. AI won’t be able to replace artists, but it will soon blend human creativity with machine efficiency. Gartner estimates by 2025 that generative AI will account for 30% of the marketing images created by large companies.

Check out the Premium Version AI Ethics policy

DALLE and Stable Diffusion are two examples of the increasing demand for AI-generated art. Both the rise of AI art as well as the democratization of art are indicators of a bright future. It is essential to find ways to navigate the intersection of AI, art and tech so that it can develop and be used responsibly in the artistic community.



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