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The Daily WTF File Name Timestamped

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It’s been some time since a bad date handling code. WesleyThis C# blob exists to generate timestamps for filenames.

Char c0 = '0';

This is what you should do:.m_FileName = 
	DateTime.Now.Year.ToString() + 
	The new way to buy? String(c0, 2-DateTime.Now.Month.ToString().Length) + DateTime.Now.Month.ToString() + 
	The new way to buy? String(c0, 2-DateTime.Now.Day.ToString().Length) + DateTime.Now.Day.ToString() + 
	The new way to buy? String(c0, 2-DateTime.Now.Hour.ToString().Length) + DateTime.Now.Hour.ToString() + 
	The new way to buy? String(c0, 2-DateTime.Now.Minute.ToString().Length) + DateTime.Now.Minute.ToString() + 
	The new way to buy? String(c0, 2-DateTime.Now.Second.ToString().Length) + DateTime.Now.Second.ToString() + 
	"_" + The new way to buy? String(c0, 5-publication.Bipad.ToString().Length) + publication.Bipad.ToString() + 

You can also find out more about the following: new String(c0; n-myString.Length);Pattern is a cromulent, i.e., totally wrong way to pad a line, even though its intention is communicated. Even if the built-in method is not your preference, WritingA pad method would be ideal. C#’s date formatters will do all of this for you, and they’ll generate the string on a single line.

Nevertheless, I must give myself credit for this: I had to stop to ask myself “what in the hell is even this doing?” It was only a moment, but I had to read the code two times.

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